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Authentic Roots designs and produces eco and animal friendly bespoke gifts as well as plantable children's story books. 

Our products range from stylish iPad/tablet sleeves, eco-design journals and customised accessories - all created using new-age pineapple leather (Pinatex) or recycled plastic PET bottles, as well as earth-friendly cotton totes and eye pillows.  Plantable childrens story books, are educational and are handmade using recycled and lettuce seeded paper.  All our products are produced locally, providing an income to local artisans and unemployed community members.

Authentic Roots Founder, Tanya van Rees, is a passionate humanitarian who cares for the earth and all sentient beings. She believes that good business supports local communities and lifts local talent, while also committing to sustainable solutions for the good of the environment.

We take inspiration from nature and from a philosophy that we should live more consciously, together.