South Africa’s first plantable children's story book.  Seeded paper is not new to South Africa, but Authentic Roots’ educational plantable children's story book is a first. The aim of this book is to connect children to the environment in a creative, meaningful and educational way. 

The covers of this book are handmade and embedded with lettuce seeds, enabling children to plant the covers and nurture the lettuce seeds.  The inside pages are made from recycled paper which not only hosts a fantastical narrative and lovable characters but also a set of enquiry-based questions, as well as a countdown calendar, which encourages children to learn through observation.

A true South African collaboration.  The author and creator, the illustrator and paper makers are all homegrown in South Africa. The author and owner of Authentic Roots, Tanya Van Rees, is passionate about nature, education, well-being and caring for the environment and all sentient beings.   The seeded paper is handmade by Growing Paper, a dedicated team of female entrepreneurs based in Cape Town and is illustrated by the talented South African illustrator, Althea Botha. 

In a fast-paced world where digital technology has created instant gratification, and a heightened need for consumerism, human beings have become increasing impatient and disconnected with nature and the natural order of life.  

Nature teaches us to have patience and gives us a deeper understanding of the connection between nature and human existence.   Planting seeds and waiting for them to sprout and grow, cultivates patience and teaches us that the natural order of life cannot be forced nor rushed.  Being outdoors, working with nature, is therapeutic and grounding and allows us to recharge.

This book will not only make a positive impact on the lives of the children who get to experience it, but for each book sold, Authentic Roots will donate a meal to The Lunch Box Fund. They support vulnerable and food insecure school children by providing them with a daily meal, to help them get the education they need to build a life free from poverty” 

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